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Fun & Effective Ways of Learning Phonics, Mathematics, English and Character Building

Children learn best when they enjoy their learning. Our classes are therefore designed to make sure that our children have fun in their lessons.

The main features of our lessons include:

  1. We help young children to read and write by the age of 6 or earlier.
  2. We help young children to perform Mathematical operations that they can relate to in their daily life.
  3. We use Montesssori Method to make sure that learning is effective.
  4. We emphasise on “Hands-on Approach” to learning where children participate in hands-on activities. Such activities and games-based lessons are to make learning fun and enjoyable for our students.

We implement Montessori Method and Dizigui Teaching in all our lessons to develop children’s self-discipline and self-motivation skills.

We have a small class size.
1 Teacher to 3 students ratio ensures that we pay a lot of time and attention on every single student.

Our classes include:

  1. AMI Phonics and Reading.

  2. AMI Pre-school Mathematics.

  3. AMI Pre-school Chinese.

  4. Primary School English and Mathematics.

Benefits of being able to read at a young age

  1. Reading can be a fun and imaginative activity for young children, which opens doors to all kinds of new worlds for them.
  2. Young children who are able to read will enjoy the fun of being independent learners. They will be able to learn new things themselves by reading books.
  3. Children who are independent readers and learners on average have higher self-esteem. Such trouble-free mastery of reading and learning is the greatest start a young child can have. Confidence in reading will inspire confidence in everything else.
  4. Reading helps children to understand instructions and concepts better, giving them a quality start in scoring higher grades in primary school.
  5. In general, children, if they are to make progress in their education, careers and lives, must learn to read fluently.

AMI Phonics and Reading

AMI Pre-school Mathematics

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