Fun & Effective Ways of Learning Phonics, Mathematics, English and Character Building

Children learn best when they enjoy their learning. Our classes are therefore designed to make sure that our children have fun in their lessons.

The main features of our lessons include:

  1. We help young children to read and write by the age of 6 or earlier.
  2. We help young children to perform Mathematical operations that they can relate to in their daily life.
  3. We use Montesssori Method to make sure that learning is effective.
  4. We emphasise on “Hands-on Approach” to learning where children participate in hands-on activities. Such activities and games-based lessons are to make learning fun and enjoyable for our students.


I am very happy to see that Fahar can read at the age of 4. Thank you AMI.

Parents of Fahjar.

I can see great improvement in Jian Sheng. He can read and write so well at K1. I am so impressed.

Mother of Jian Sheng.

I had sent my son to other phonics program. He completed the program, but he still could not read. After attending the AMI Phonics and Reading Program, I am very happy that he can read very well now.

Mother of Raphel

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